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  In this type of rewarded install, users are going to download and install your app in return for a reward. Depending on the selected tracking method users will also open the app at least once. When using third-party tracking providers install+open is guarenteed whereas for CPI Droid tracking - depending on the app type - opening the app is not required for the end user. This type of install is the most cost efficient one.

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Bidding & Budget

Our platform works with a bidding system enabling you to specifiy how much you are willing to pay for one install / conversions. The higher the bid the more installs or conversions you are able to get per day. The minimum bid is:

Campaign Type Minimum Bid
Incent / Rewarded
CPC - Standard $0.08
CPI - Standard $0.08
CPI - High Retention $0.2
CPI - Managed (High Volume) $0.3
CPI - Keyword Search (Standard) $0.18
CPI - Keyword Search (High Retention) $0.28
CPA - Standard $0.42
CPA - Managed (High Volume) $0.6
Non-Incent / Non-Rewarded
CPC - Managed (High Volume) $0.04
CPI - Managed (High Volume) $1
Additionally, you are able to set the advertising budget for your campaign. The number of conversions results as the budget divided by the bid (e.g. Budget $1,000, Bid $0.10 → Conversions 10,000).

Tracking Solutions

Standard Tracking

CPI Droid Tracking SDK

Appsflyer Tracking
Getting Started with Appsflyer Tracking / SDK

Adjust Tracking
Getting Started with Adjust Tracking / SDK

Kochava Tracking
Getting Started with Kochava Tracking / SDK

Branch Tracking
Getting Started with Branch Tracking / SDK

Custom Server2Server Tracking
Getting Started with Custom Server2Server Tracking