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Awsome Features

We offer best app promotion services with awesome features at very affordable price

Easy & Quick Results

It takes 1-3 days depending on traffic and competition to see the result.


Real Users & Devices

We have large number of users with real devices ready to install your app.


High Retention Installs

Push your app to rank #1 for any keyword of your choice.


Fraud Detection System

We have strong fraud detection system and we do count invalid installs.


Rewarded Offer Walls

Acquire users from our innovative advertising platform and expect high conversion rates.

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Self-Service Platform

Connect your advertising campaign with our publishers. Go into Live Mode in just a few short minutes!

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Simple Campaign Creation

Creating and running your campaign can take less than 5 minutes.

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Self-Service Platform

Connect your advertising campaign with our publishers.
Go into Live Mode in just a few short minutes!

Reach the TOP with 4 easy steps

Now, every Developer can Afford to Boost their App Business


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Add Funds in your Account Balance



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Campaign Types & Pricing

We offer variety of plans which suits everyone's need and fits to budget as well.

Campaign Price Calculator


CPC (Cost per Click)

Starts at $0.08

  • Upto 80% Installation Rate
  • Android, iOS
  • FREE Country Targeting
  • No SDK Required
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CPI (Cost per Install)

Starts at $0.08

  • Install + Open
  • Android, iOS
  • FREE Country Targeting
  • No SDK Required for Android
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High Retention

Starts at $0.2

  • Install + Open + Keep for >3 Days
  • Android
  • FREE Country Targeting
  • No SDK Required
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Managed (High Volume)

Starts at $0.3

  • CPI, CPA
  • Android, iOS
  • FREE Country Targeting
  • SDK is Required
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Keyword Search

Starts at $0.18

  • Search + Install + Open
  • Android
  • FREE Country Targeting
  • No SDK Required
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CPA (Cost per Action)

Starts at $0.42

  • Install + Open + Action/Event
  • Android, iOS
  • FREE Country Targeting
  • SDK is Required
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Let's Discuss

  • Let's Discuss
  • Android, iOS
  • FREE Country Targeting
  • SDK may be Required
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Our advantage you need to know

We Offer a Wide Range of App Marketing Campaigns!

We help businesses grow through measurable digital performance.

Standard Campaign

In this type of rewarded install, users are going to download and install your app in return for a reward. Depending on the selected tracking method users will also open the app at least once. When using third-party tracking providers install+open is guarenteed whereas for CPI Droid tracking - depending on the app type - opening the app is not required for the end user. This type of install is the most cost efficient one...[+Read more]

High Retention Campaign

High Retention campaigns require users to keep your app for 3 days.

Any user who uninstalls sooner won't count as conversion, so the total number of installs delivered will be above your campaign volume.

HR campaigns come with extensive statistics and don't require any SDK... [+Read more]

Managed Campaign

Managed campaigns are the way to go if you need to push large volumes in a short time. Please keep in mind that the actual performance depends on your bid, so make sure to contact your account manager before creating a managed campaign. Managed campaigns cannot be paused or terminated by yourself and are managed by CPI Droid... [+Read more]

Search / Keyword Campaign

An Android App Developer or iOS App Developer should must Buy Android Installs or Buy iOS Installs to increase your user base and app activity in order to improve the visibility of your app in the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. If you Buy App Installs then it will increase your user base. Usually large user base generate more revenue from your App... [+Read more]

Integrated With Major Tracking Providers

We are integrated with the major tracking providers. Just set up your campaign and add your tracking link!

Or integrate our totally free CPI Droid Tracking SDK!
Otherwise, make use of Custom S2S (Server to Server) Postback option

Pricing Models

Choose the right pricing model for you!


Cost Per Install / Engagement


Cost Per Action / Registration


Cost Per Click


Cost Per Mile


Cost Per View

Supported Platforms

No matter what platform you are developing your apps for, we will help you grow your audience



Choose From All Ad Formats

and build campaigns and creatives that convert


Rewarded Video





Can I get a refund ?

Yes, you may ask for refund for added funds (/bank.php) in your account balance, but refunds are possible only if requested within 24 hours from the time of adding funds.
Note: Refunds will not possible, if you have used your added funds from your account balance.

Refund of the orders / campaigns / services is also not possible, if the user has received the desired output of orders / campaigns / services since the time of making the orders / campaigns / services.

For partial orders / campaigns / services, we will give refund in your account balance.

We may give refund for special cases. You can contact support and ask for refund after giving proper explanation with solid reasons. We will give you refund only if we found your reasons valid.

Refunds are not possible if user has created multiple accounts for the purpose of referring themselves or receiving free trial earnings multiple times.

Important: Please do not dispute PayPal directly without contacting support. First, contact support, if you have any problem. You may get smooth refunds from the support team. ....[+Read more]

Can I make more than one accounts ?

No. You can create ONLY ONE account.....[+Read more]

Do users have to open and use an app?

This depends on the promoted app: Apps which listen for INSTALL_REFERRER intents or start automatically in the background don't have to be opened by the users for a successful conversion.

That's also the case if you integrated any third party tracking framework like Google Analytics.

However, the majority of users also opens the apps as we ask them to both install and open it.

....[+Read more]

Most users uninstall my app after a short time

We offer incentivized installs. This means that users are rewarded for installing and running your app at least once.

Our service is mainly targeted at improving your Play Store rankings and keyword rankings to have a bigger exposure and attract more users who install your app organically.

Our past experiences have shown that the actual engagement rate is between 5% and 15%, depending on several factors:

- Casual games lead to higher engagement than specialized games or apps with a smaller target audience

- Apps below 5MB in size have a significantly higher chance of getting better retention and engagement

- App quality is a key factor: The more polished your app is, the more likely users are to actually use it

Important: Even if your number of uninstalls is high, it has a negligible influence on your Top New Free rankings (if at all) and doesn't have a significant influence on your later Top Free ranking if you get a least some additional organic installs.

....[+Read more]

The download numbers from Google Play don't match

There are a few reasons why you may not see all installs reflected in your dashboard:

1. The Google Play dashboard is about 2-3 calendar days behind and hasn't updated yet.

2. We track unique device installs, not user installs since it's technically impossible and legally not allowed to track and record individual users. Those two numbers are usually close but may differ slightly (check your Google Play to compare those numbers).

3. Different reporting timezones: You can set the reporting timezone in your Google Play account yourself. Our servers and reports are running on UTC, so depending on the timezone you chose in Google Play, your installs can be shifted by +1 or -1 day.

4. Fraud: We're constantly working hard to reduce fraud and keep it under 3%. We try to deliver at least 970 real installs per 1000 install campaign you run, but especially for small numbers (low volume campaigns) they can slightly exceed 3%.

....[+Read more]

How can I track my installs with Google Analytics?

We send valid referrer strings with each install. So if your app is using Google Analytics or other third party tracking services, our installs will automatically appear in the dashboards.

For Google Analytics, you can find the installs under User Aquisition > Campaigns > Sources with our company name as campaign source.

Keep in mind that Google Analytics and other frameworks are not 100% reliable and can fail to track installs. Some examples are:

- The user is running an AdBlocker or GA Blocker on his device

- The user has more than one app market installed or initially opened the link to your app with a browser

- Google Analytics installation tracking was not implemented properly to execute first after performing an installation (please refer to the GA developer docs)

....[+Read more]

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Total Conversions



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