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Conversion = Click (Upto 40-80% Installation Rate)

  Incent CPC campaigns charge per rewarded click, prompting users to install your app to receive their rewards. Since no external SDK or tracking is required, these campaigns can start instantly without any setup. The expected installation rate varies, but is usually around 40%-80% thanks to our sophisticated fraud detection.

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Bidding & Budget

Our platform works with a bidding system enabling you to specifiy how much you are willing to pay for one install / conversions. The higher the bid the more installs or conversions you are able to get per day. The minimum bid is:

Campaign Type Minimum Bid
Incent / Rewarded
CPC - Standard $0.18
CPI - Standard $0.22
CPI - Managed (High Volume) $0.3
CPA - Standard $0.42
CPA - Managed (High Volume) $0.6
Non-Incent / Non-Rewarded
CPC - Managed (High Volume) $0.04
CPI - Managed (High Volume) $1
Additionally, you are able to set the advertising budget for your campaign. The number of conversions results as the budget divided by the bid (e.g. Budget $1,000, Bid $0.10 → Conversions 10,000).

Tracking Solutions

Standard Tracking

CPI Droid Tracking SDK

Appsflyer Tracking
Getting Started with Appsflyer Tracking / SDK

Adjust Tracking
Getting Started with Adjust Tracking / SDK

Kochava Tracking
Getting Started with Kochava Tracking / SDK

Branch Tracking
Getting Started with Branch Tracking / SDK

Custom Server2Server Tracking
Getting Started with Custom Server2Server Tracking