Buy Android Installs · Google Play Store

Buy Android Installs · Google Play Store

Find right plan for your Android app.

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*volume depends on tracking method & proportional to bid & targeting.

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Buy iOS Installs (Downloads) · Buy App Store Installs for iOS Apps, starts at $0.22 per Install + Open.

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Buy Keyword Installs · Android · iOS

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Help - Buy Android Installs · Google Play Store

Frequently asked question:

Why Should You Purchase App Installs?

There aren't so many means to gain achievement in the Google Play Store. One of them is really a decision to purchase program downloads. It works. This manner of promotion is efficient since the larger the number of downloads will be, the users pay attention to the program. For instance, when the application overcomes the threshold of 10.000 downloads, it's ordinarily considered by consumers as value attention. Premium Excellent App Reviews. Our firm functions with active developers, who take part in program promotion and make it more efficient. We know how program development functions and utilize our abilities and knowledge to provide clients with the best possible result.

What is the android install campaign?

By using our android marketing campaigns, you can enjoy a lot of advantages purchasing both high-engaging and cost-effective installs for your Android apps. We drive installs and engagement targeted campaigns. You will receive high-quality organic installs or engagements every day while your app will be reaching its top rankings at Google Play Store.

How does CPIDroid's pricing work?

We have bid, budget system. If your budget is $100 and you willing to bid $0.1 per conversion, you will get 1000 conversions.

Can I terminate at anytime?

Yes, you can terminate campaign anytime no questions are asked while you terminate but we would highly appreciate if you will give us some feedback.

Do you offer discounts?

We offer extra bonus on large deposits, you may have to reach out to support or your account manager to discuss this.

What is your refund policy?

We offer refunds as per our terms / policy. We aim high at being focused on building relationships with our clients and community.

How secure is CPIDroid?

Protecting the data you trust to CPIDroid is our first priority. This part is really crucial in keeping the project in line to completion.

My team has credits. How do we use them?

Once your team signs up for a campaign plan. This is where we sit down, grab a cup of coffee and dial in the details.

Why should I Buy Android Installs / Downloads?

First impression matters. Android App or Game with a huge number of installs / downloads attracts more users to install it too. Promote your Android App Today!

Any Discount For Me?

Yes, get in touch for a big massive discount on your first Campaign! ;)....... Extra bonus up to 5% on your First Deposit.

Is it Safe to Buy Android Installs?

Yes, it's 100% risk-free, Our service is fully safe and secure for you. We provide real installs from real users / devices. Thanks to our fraud detection system.

How long does it take to start the delivery?

We instantly run the campaign as soon as your hit start button from your dashboard after you create the campaign for Android Installs. No wastage of your Time ;)

Can I get banned for Buying Android Installs?

No you will not, Millions of people are using social media marketing agencies to buy Android Installs to rank higher in Google Play Store.

Where do the Installs come from?

We have a network of offerwalls, publishers and partners and the Installs would come from a different array of our networks where we will promote your Android App.

Can I purchase Installs for multiple Apps?

Yes, you may create multiple campaigns for different apps from your dashboard within your budget.

What are the Buying Options?

We are accepting Paypal, Cryptocurrency and Credit Cards as well.

Discount for Large Campaign?

Absolutely! Special rates for you, if you are buying more and hence deposit a large amount. Get in touch captain!

Do you offer free trial for Android Installs?

Unfortunately not. As we have campaigns at super low bids that would perfectly fit for testing the services.

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About Android App Marketing

In addition, we're ready to assist with the general plan of one's business achievement. We offer a number of personal hours whenever we may help you determine the best ways of one's business development. Your Working Model. Lets have a look on what you need to do should you purchase android downloads. The first thing you're to complete is to select are categorized in several ways. There are various sorts of downloads which the genre and purpose of your application. The most crucial is to know the genre and purpose of your application and select relevant downloads.

The following step is picking your audience. Most developers prefer going local and only after they have made sure conclusions they go worldwide. It's crucial to know what you want and need before you purchase android app installs. After you've selected purpose and location, you ought to have expect to see the results instantly. We offer a vast selection of packages, in order that everybody can find something appropriate. This way, you purchase installs that completely expect to see the results instantly. We begin expect to see the results instantly get the expenses for the order. But do not expect to see the results instantly. Please, be very attentive when choosing what installs package to. Please, be very attentive when choosing what installs package to purchase!.

Advantages of Purchasing App Installs. Gaining achievement in Google Play Shop is quite a complex issue. Reaching success here requires additional knowledge and efforts. Nevertheless, you could always purchase Android downloads. This manner of program promotion is extremely efficient. Once you get program downloads, eventually more customers start paying attention to your program. In reality, mainly those applications which have over 10, 000 downloads are considered by consumers as dependable and efficient. Pay per Install for Android. Our company work, with many developers, helping them to market their Android programs. We're aware how an efficient program must function, so we use all of our knowledge and skills to improve every application.

We may provide a smart marketing plan in order to achieve program's success. We welcome you to purchase application installs, including free consultation to define the best ways of program development and promotion. The Best Working Model. When purchasing Android downloads, the very first thing to do is to opt for the marketing model to utilize. Besides, it's fairly useful to define what downloads you seek, because there are many types of app downloads. Every application has its own genre and purpose, based on which the whole mobile marketing campaign must be built. Only applicable downloads enables Android App installs, you improve your odds to obtaining a proper visibility.

Furthermore, whenever you purchase Android App installs, you increase your chances to obtain success significantly. Frequently, developer can select the most. Before you purchase Android program installs, it's essential developer can select the most are inclined to respond for your application promotion. When you've chosen developer can select the most select is a particular bundle. Among numerous packages supplied, each downloads and don't forget to appropriate for himself. Every install you get will be geared toward your wishes and requirements. We start delivering program installs, once the complete payment is supplied. In a couple of days, you can see positive results. Purchase application select own Android application!.

How to Buy Play Store Installs to Promote your Android App?


1. Register a FREE Account on our Self-Serve Platform.

2. Add some Funds to your Account Balance.

  • You need to add funds in your account balance at (login required) by using an appropriate payment processor such as PayPal, Payoneer, Wire ...etc before creating play store install campaign for your android app.
  • If you want to add large funds we may collect the payment separately with one of the following payment methods: Payoneer ($50+), Wire Transfer (International) or ACH (above $500). It will be on the pre-payment term.

3. Create a Campaign from your Dashboard.

  • You can create an Android installs campaign on our self-serve platform at (login required) from your dashboard by entering or providing us with Android app link and others required info such as you can set how many Android installs to be delivered on Google Play Store every day by splitting your android installs on per day basis.

4. Manage your Campaign from your Dashboard.

  • You can manage all your campaigns including for android installs at (login required) from your dashboard.
  • The campaign will START processing your android installs either instantly or within 24 hours or as soon as you hit the start button after you have created the campaign with the necessary info from the dashboard.
  • The actual delivery of android app installs may take longer than 24 hours depending upon the volume of android installs you have purchased or daily capping you may have set. Kindly reach out to support for estimated quotes or delivery time.