Why I am NOT getting Conversions at my Affiliate Dashboard?

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Written by Luisa Woodfine Updated over a week ago

Please note that if you create a campaign with an affiliate link (as Redirect URL) then all the conversions are delivered via the affiliate link only and we are 100% sure for that! this is how our platform works. 

But if you are NOT getting conversions at your affiliate dashboard then try to check following things:-

  • What point your affiliate network counts the conversion for the affiliate link?
    Note: Our CPI - Standard campaign converts at Install + Open
  • Have you got clicks or impressions on your affiliate link dashboard?
    Note: If you are getting clicks then ask your affiliate manager, why their dashboard is not reporting conversions
  • Are you sure that your affiliate link is still live and not paused?
    Note: Affiliate links are dynamic in nature and they often paused programmatically

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Note: Affiliate links are dynamic in nature and they often convert poorly and it's hard to find the exact reason for the same.

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