Can I use my own Custom Affiliate / Tracking / Redirect URL?

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Disclaimer: Please note that you are working with affiliate links at your own risk because there is NO refund to those who are working with affiliate link irrespective of any situation or even if your affiliate link (or affiliate campaign) is rejected as it is a well-known fact that affiliate links are very dynamic in nature and it's hard to find the exact reason for their poor conversion -> we expect that every affiliate marketer should understand this before using our platform because we maintain high-quality network to ensure good user experience to our user base by implementing strict policy towards affiliate links since poorly converting affiliate links can potentially harm our user's experience.

Yes, Is it possible to use custom affiliate / tracking / redirect links when getting installs from CPI Droid. you may use your affiliate link as redirect link while creating campaigns.

You can setup the campaigns (Android only) with affiliate redirect link in your dashboard if the affiliate link redirects to google play link by using them as a redirect link.  

We support affiliate links for android only as of now, you just need to enter your affiliate link in "Redirect URL" field at and fill rest of the form as normal as usual.

If you enter a redirect link in "Redirect URL" field, then our platform will use that redirect link and its the responsibility of that redirect link to take the user to final google play in the targetted country.

Also, It is mandatory to validate a google play link for every campaign along with Redirect URL so that our platform can know which app is to be promoted and tracked?

Some time campaign with affiliate links may undergo review for approval process because they are very dynamic in nature and hence we need to review if it is converting or not. An affiliate link which does NOT convert properly or converts poorly is potentially harmful to our platform because they harm our user experience.

Some time system may reject some affiliate links likely to perform poor based on some automated algorithm, for example, if affiliate link is undergoing too many redirects then its likely to convert poorly thus we can NOT accept such links. Affiliate links are very dynamic in nature and hence it's difficult to tell what the exact reason is for the errors you saw. Due to very dynamic nature of affiliate links, we can't help you with this but you may need to run a test campaign.

Generally, the more direct you are to the advertiser, the higher the chances that we can drive traffic for an offer. Since almost all affiliate URLs are by nature non-direct (as there are multiple redirects and thus multiple parties involved), we can't run those campaigns. Payout and conversion rate are simply too low and we might have the chance to run some of these offers in the future, but I wouldn't be too optimistic.

You can follow following thumb rule to select best affiliate links:-

  • Affiliate link should redirect to google play link.
  • Affiliate link should NOT undergo too many redirects.
  • Ensure there is NO capping or Affiliate link is NOT paused.
  • Affiliate link actually leads to the correct destination always.
  • Affiliate link should take users to the same app every time.
  • Affiliate link should NOT be broken before completion of the campaign.

In case you are getting errors while creating campaigns with affiliate link. We have redirect checks in place that test whether a redirect link actually leads to the correct destination. This might not be the case e.g. every time an offer hits its daily cap or the offer is paused. Most affiliate networks don't allow any further redirect in this case. We would like to avoid situations in which users don't get redirected to the final destination though as this is a bad user experience. Generally, the affiliate offers are a very dynamic thing and it's difficult to tell what the exact reason is for the errors you saw.

If you are already running campaigns with affiliate link, I would suggest pay a bit attention to the conversion rate you sees with these campaigns on your end. We currently report every conversion for devices that haven't installed the app via us before. This doesn't mean that the affiliate network is paying for all these leads. It's actually quite unlikely that they are seeing a similar conversion rate. Running campaigns for these with us at a low CPI might pay off, but the opposite might hold true too. I would just suggest to keep an eye on it.

Note: A redirect URL must redirect and finally lands to the Google Play Store. Tracking will be performed by CPI Droid. We cannot guarantee that our tracking matches stats gathered via a redirect URL.

Note: Please make sure to run a test campaign first so as to ensure that you get desired results as per your expectations.

Note: we will NOT be responsible if stats do NOT match at your end. We may suspend your campaign if link stops converting before completion of the campaign.





Disclaimer for Affiliate Offers: 
A couple more words on the campaigns you are looking to run: Offers that stem from different affiliate channels and get redirected through different networks. We get these from multiple sources at differing payouts. You'll thus experience the following situations:

  1. We don't approve campaigns at all.
  2. We approve campaigns at a later point in time.
  3. We stop campaigns, if we see they don't work (low conversion rate) or in case we get them at higher payouts.

All in all we'll need to see how performance of these affiliate offers is. There are a lot of factors that require constant monitoring of these campaigns, we thus need a solid bid and budget per campaign to make it worthwhile.

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