Hurry! We have Reduced our Price (minimum bid)

Today we are glad to inform you that we have reduced our price (minimum bid) for some of the campaign types (Android) as summarised below:-

Campaign Type Minimum Bid (New) Minimum Bid (Old)
Incent CPI - Standard Reduce to $0.08 Was $0.1
Incent CPI - Search (standard) Reduce to $0.18 Was $0.22
Incent CPI - Search (high-retention) Reduce to $0.28 Was $0.36

Reduced price (minimum bid) means you will get more no. of conversions for the same budget campaign if you bid minimum.
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Dave Austin 1 day ago

As a Special Education teacher this resonates so well with me. Fighting with gen ed teachers to flatten for the students with learning disabilities. It also confirms some things for me in my writing.

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Hanna Wolfe 1 day ago

Love it Dave! We're all about keeping it up.

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Maria Muszynska 2 days ago

Since our attention spans seem to be shrinking by the day — keeping it simple is more important than ever.


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