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CPI Droid is a Mobile Ad Network with an automated self-serve advertising platform for advertisers willing to promote their Android, iOS apps on CPC, CPI, CPA, CPE ...etc basis.

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How to Check Stats in Google Play?
Please note that It can take up to 48 hours (or sometimes even more) to reflect the stats at Google Play Dev Console and make sure you are selecting proper date ranges (it's good to add 1 day extra before/after the start/end dates to avoid lags due to the difference in reporting time zones) according to the campaign run time.
Important: Do NOT forget to configure your google play dev console Statistics for Installs Metrics as "Installs By Device" Statistics___Jungle_Raja__Adventure_World_Jump___Run_King__Free___Google_Play_Console.png

Where to Check Stats in Google Play?
Make sure you check your Google Play Dev Console (NOT Play Store listing) for stats. Google Play listing is a bit different thing. Numbers shown at Google play listings is dynamic and depends upon Google's algorithm which can change with time though. You may NOT see any increase there if you run small campaign because Google shows no. of downloads in ranges or thresholds at Google Play listing page.

Regarding Downloads count shown at Google Play Listing page:
Please note that Google does NOT count all the installs while reflecting the same at Google Play listing because it depends on many random factors and dynamic algorithms which is mostly kept secret by Google. Please find some clues below which may help you understand the situation:-

  • Play store stats are usually behind by 2-5 days, sometimes even more.
  • Google counts unique user installs towards Play store listing page [we provide unique device installs].
  • Google counts active user installs towards Play store listing page i.e Google do NOT count those installs in which user NOT spending much time on app or uninstall it after short period of time and hence you should buy High Retention campaigns.
  • Google is giving more priority to Engagements and hence we believe that Play store listing reflects those users who actually engage with your app and hence you should buy High Retention, CPA or CPE campaigns.
  • Different reporting systems differ, Google Play reporting is quite restrictive, it might thus take a bit more than X installs with our reporting to reflect X installs on Google Play. 
  • In case you have used other providers as well without Appsflyer, there might have been quite some double attributions (app was installed via us on device and again installed on the same device later) => Only the attribution provider (such as Appsflyer) would be able to NOT count the second install.
  • Play store listing's downloads counts are in ranges (such as 5K - 10K) or threshold (such as 100+) which is indicative i.e NOT exact.

Note: We are unable to comment on how or when the downloads count shown at Google Play listing will update/increase/change because it depends on many random factors and dynamic algorithms which is mostly kept secret by Google.

Recommended Article: Why there are Deviations in Reporting Data at various Platforms?

If you are still NOT able to see stats in your google play dev console then give us sufficient access to this email "[email protected]" and also share the campaign id you are referring to. 

Here are various reasons for deviations in reporting data. Please find a few below:

  • In case you (advertiser) did user acquisition campaigns with other companies before there might be some users that installed the app through us that had installed the app before. We could only detect and prevent that by means of a tracking SDK.
  • Google reports unique user installs by default whereas we provide unique device installs - the latter number is usually greater.
  • Google reports users who installed the app for the first time by default whereas we provide unique device installs - the latter number is usually greater. We could only detect and prevent that by means of a tracking SDK.
  • Differences in the methodology how Google and we report a user's country.

Please note that if you see lesser numbers at Google developer console due to above reasons, it does NOT mean that you have NOT got those installs but the fact is that you have actually got those installs but Google is NOT counting it in their reports by default and might also NOT count against their various ranking algorithms because Google's ranking algorithms are very strong and strict.

This problem can be solved (up to some extent) by making use of tacking SDK and hence we recommend you to use tracking SDK which actually connects both the platform for conversion tracking with higher accuracy and reflects same numbers at both the ends.

Recommended Article: When will the Downloads be Visible in the Google Play?

[Dated: May 2018] ANNOUNCEMENT BY GOOGLE: Changes to Play Console Data
Over the next several weeks, you may notice some changes within your Play Console data due to the impact of implementation of GPDR.
Learn more => https://support.google.com/googleplay/android-developer/answer/9023647

In general, users are free to do anything after successful conversion, they may use/keep the app if they like it but we can NOT control or force them for anything beyond successful conversion point and "Uninstall" is out of the scope of the campaign as such.

Recommended Article: How much time user will keep the app in their device?

Please note that when you are running a CPC (Cost per Click), CPI (Cost per Install) or CPA (Cost per Action) ...etc campaign, we are charging you for a certain conversion flow i.e we are NOT responsible for whatever user do after successful conversion point.

On the other hand, Uninstall rate is quite significant in case of Incent campaign which is normal but even Non-Incent users churn over a couple of days or weeks. Keep in mind that Non-Incent Installs cost 10 times more than Incent Install on an average generally.

Uninstall rate also indicates loopholes in your overall app quality as well because Uninstall rate majorly depends on app quality itself. We are selling 100% real user installs and No one can force real humans to keep using an app forever, against their will/wish.

We offer incentivized installs. This means that users are rewarded for installing and running your app at least once. Our service is mainly targeted at improving your Play Store rankings and keyword rankings to have a bigger exposure and attract more users who install your app organically.

Our past experiences have shown that the actual engagement rate is between 5% and 15%, depending on several factors:

  • Casual games lead to higher engagement than specialized games or apps with a smaller target audience
  • Apps below 5MB in size have a significantly higher chance of getting better retention and engagement
  • App quality is a key factor: The more polished your app is, the more likely users are to actually use it

Important: Even if your number of uninstalls is high, it has a negligible influence on your Top New Free rankings (if at all) and doesn't have a significant influence on your later Top Free ranking if you get at least some additional organic installs.




Going to create a campaign or place an order? 
First of all, you need to add funds in your account balance by using an appropriate payment processor such as PayPal, Payoneer, Wire ...etc at:

You can find and download all your invoices at:

Just hit "Invoice" button given under Action column to view and download (print as pdf) the invoice.

Nope, you can create ONLY ONE account. We don't allow multiple accounts as such from the security/safety point of view and other reasons.
If you really need multiple accounts then contact us first with a genuine reason or explanation for the same. If it looked reasonable we will make an exception for you.

Topics covered in this article:-

Refund on Invoices

You may ask for the refund for added funds in your account balance on the invoice basis, but refunds are possible only if requested within 24 hours from the date of the transaction and the funds are unused.
Note: Refunds will not be possible if you have used (fully or partially) your added funds from your account balance.

Refund on Campaigns/Orders

You may terminate the campaign or cancel the order (if applicable and available) to get the refund back to your account balance for unused/unspent budget/funds.
Note: Refund will be given back to the account balance only but not be given on your invoice (original payment method)

Exceptions & Special Cases

There are some exceptions => for more details, please refer our refund policy at: 

You can resend account activation or verification or confirmation email at https://cpidroid.com/account/resend.php







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