Getting Started with Managed (High Volume) Campaigns

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What is Managed (High Volume) Campaign? 

Managed campaigns are the way to go if you need to push large volumes in a short time. Please keep in mind that the actual performance depends on your bid, so make sure to contact your account manager before creating a managed campaign. Managed campaigns cannot be paused or terminated by yourself and are managed by CPI Droid.

Managed (High Volume) campaigns are recommended for those who come under one or more of the following needs/situation:-

  • Looking for high volume installs or burst campaign
  • Target audience is narrow due to targeting small countries or low traffic countries.
  • Want campaign to complete faster as soon as possible. 

Types of Managed (High Volume) Campaigns:-


Campaign Type Conversion Tracking Availability
CPI - Managed (high-volume) Install + Open (High Volume)  Required Android, iOS
CPA - Managed (high-volume) Install + Open + Action/Event (High Volume) Required Android, iOS


Campaign Type Conversion Tracking Availability
CPC - Managed (high-volume) Click (High Volume) Optional Android, iOS
CPI - Managed (high-volume) Install (High Volume) Required Android, iOS


Requirements for Managed (High Volume) Campaigns:-

  • Tracking integration is required to drive high volume automatically/manually by connecting external traffic sources/partners.
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  • Minimum CPI Bid: $0.2 (or CPA Bid: $0.4) is required.
    Note: Solid bid maybe required depending upon the country target.
  • At least $500 Budget required.

How to create Managed (High Volume) Campaign?

You need to create Standard version of the desired Managed campaign first at by selecting the appropriate option in the Campaign Type field accordingly and make sure to full-fill minimum requirements as per the Managed one (as given above) then contact us to convert it into Managed (High Volume) version.

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