How to SpeedUp Campaign Approval?

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Written by Luisa Woodfine Updated over a week ago

If your campaign is in approval and taking longer than usual, you may want to reach out to support and help the team with some key information to speed up the approval process.


For New Campaign (with Full Tracking Integration):-

  • Avoid targeting paid actions like sale or purchase such actions requires very high bid or less likely to perform. Instead you may target free trials.
  • For higher tier countries such as US or UK, kindly have your bid high enough because such countries are very competitive.
  • Share a screenshot with support indicating tracking SDK is tested and receiving conversions along with test results for CPIDroid in your tracking system.
  • Share a screenshot with support indicating partner "CPIDroid" is activated and postbacks are enabled for CPIDroid in your tracking system.
  • In case of 3rd party integration such as Appsflyer or Kochava, share screenshot of the results of integration testing.
  • In case of custom_s2s tracking, make sure to share a screenshot indicating the CPIDroid postback url you have setup so that team can verify it's correct.
  • In case of CPA campaign, share a screenshot indicating the event name you defined in your tracking system to be sent to us on CPIDroid postback url.

For Suspended Campaign (with Full Tracking Integration):-

  • You need to work with your developer and the tracking provider in order to troubleshoot and fix the tracking integration.
  • Share screenshot indicating how many conversions you received/tracked at your end in your tracking provider's dashboard.
  • Give us full permission to your tracking system so that we can review postback logs for our internal purpose.
  • You need to re-send all the lost conversions / postbacks to us before we can restore (or retry) your campaign. In case you are unable to re-send, you may be subjected to penalty / compensation / handling fee (min. $5) for the wastage of traffic.
  • Reach out to support explaining what was the fault and how you ensured it's fixed now and no tracking issue will occur again.
  • Share some screenshots indicating the integration is fixed and postbacks are enabled for CPIDroid.
  • Repeated tracking issue may attract higher penalty.

Tips to Save Time:-

  • If you already had a campaign ran in past and you want to run it again, instead of creating a new campaign again, just add budget to the existing campaign in order to reactivate it. [If will be auto approved if your campaign had performed well in past.]
  • Avoid running CPA campaign directly for any app but it is recommended to 1st do some CPI campaigns (with full tracking integration) successfully. If your CPI campaigns are performing good, review team would be able to approve your CPA campaign confidently.

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