How to Start or Reinstate a Campaign?

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Written by Luisa Woodfine Updated over a week ago

For Paused Campaign:

For Capped Campaign:

  • If your campaign status is "Paused" then it means it has reached the daily cap limit (maximum conversion per day) that you had set while creating campaign.
  • You may have to increase the daily cap limit at, check for blue Edit [⚙️] button under "Actions" column.

For Campaign under Review:

  • If your campaign status is "Review" then you can start your campaign after it's approved. Once a campaign is approved, it's status is automatically changed to "Paused" by default.

For Suspended Campaign:

General Information:

  • When you create a new campaign, It will either undergo review for approval process OR initially be paused so that you can adjust some settings by editing it before starting it.
  • When a campaign is created successfully a message is shown which indicates the status of the campaign along with a quick "Start" button.
  • You can edit & control (pause, start, terminate ...etc) your campaign from your dashboard as well at  

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