Getting Started with CPA (Cost per Action) Campaigns

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What is CPA (Cost per Action) Campaign?

CPA campaigns require the user to trigger an event by completing a certain action. The action must be free and must not take longer than 5 minutes.
Otherwise, contact your account manager before creating a campaign.

CPA (Cost per Action) campaigns are recommended for those who looking for custom Action or Event to be completed by the user such as:-

  • Install + Open + Create an Account
  • Install + Open + Register + Email Activation
  • Install + Open + Signup + OTP Verification
  • Install + Open + Earn 500 Coins
  • Install + Open + Reach 100 Scores
  • Install + Open + Play till Level 5
  • Install + Open + Start Free Trial
  • Install + Open + Start a Subscription
  • Install > Open > Start Monthly Subscription ($7.99)
  • Install + Open + Signup + First Time Deposit
  • Install + Open + Register + Place Order
  • Install > Open > One-Time Purchase ($12.99)

Types of CPA (Cost per Action) Campaigns:-

Campaign Type Conversion Tracking Availability
Incent CPA - Standard Install + Open + Action/Event Required Android, iOS
Incent CPA - Managed (high-volume) Install + Open + Action/Event (High Volume) Required Android, iOS


Requirements for CPA (Cost per Action) Campaigns:-

  • Tracking SDK/Integration with event conversion tracking required.
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  • CPA Configuration:
    - Event Name : Unique name of the configured event which triggers a conversion.
    - Event Description : Description of the conversion flow for the user in English as crisp as possible, for e.g: Install > Open > Register (Email, Google) > Earn 500 Coins.
    Recommended Acticle: Configuring In-App-Events for CPA Campaign
  • Configure & Enable Postbacks : Make sure to enable postbacks for cpidroid (if 3rd party tracking) or send postbacks with event_name parameter on our event postback URL with exactly the same event name (if custom s2s tracking). [IMPORTANT!]

How to create CPA (Cost per Action) Campaign?

You can create CPA (Cost per Action) campaign at by selecting the appropriate option in the Campaign Type field accordingly.

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